HUM in English

HUM is an abbreviation of the Finnish name of the Finnish Holocaust Remembrance Association, Holokaustin uhrien muisto ry.

The main event of HUM is the annual National Holocaust Commemoration event on/around January 27 in cooperation with the government of Finland. In our 2020 event the key note speaker was H.E. Pekka Haavisto, Minister for Foreign Affairs . On November 6th we organize an event remembering the eight Jewish refugees who were deported to the hands of Nazis on Nov. 6, 1942.

The association was founded in 1993 as Yad Vashem Finnish Branch, but the name was changed in 2012 to describe better the mission of the association to the public. We still work together with Yad Vashem and under our wings there is ”Yad Vashem Alumni” for teachers, leaders and civil servants who have participated in Yad Vashem courses in Jerusalem.

The board of directors:

Chairman: Mr. Kimmo Sasi, former Government Minister and Member of Parliament in 1983 – 2015

Vice-chair: Mr. Risto Huvila, Chairman of the Federation of Finland-Israel Associations and Secretary of the Group Against Antisemitism in the Parliament of Finland

Treasurer: Mr. Dan Kantor, former Executive Director of the Helsinki Jewish Community

Secretary: Mr. Ilkka Virtanen, Editor-in-Chief of the Readers Digest Finnish edition (Valitut Palat)

Other members: Mr. Markku Haranne, Ms. Kristina Paavela, Ms. Miriam Schwartz, Ms. Päivi Sillanpää, Ms. Niina Väntänen and Mr. Mikael Zewi.

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